Welcome to the Sarojbela.com website, here you will find tech tips, technology update, website, gadgets, bloggers, blog SEO and information going viral on the internet. This blog is dedicated to providing good information.

Why did we name this website SarojBela.com?

My name is Saroj Kumar and the name of my village is Bela, so the website is named SarojBela.com by adding these two word together.

About Me

I am the admin of this blog Saroj Verma. In 2009, I created the first blog. After this, I studied and gathered more knowledge. I learned about the technique in mid-2012-2013. There were many trainers who trained. And understood in detail about electronic product.

When I had a good knowledge about technology. Then created another blog related to technology. But I did not get any benefit from them. Only I was satisfied that I had created this blog.

While not a professional website, I sometimes find it strange why my blog is not like other professional people.

Then in 2014-2015,16 I started taking knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jquery), Bootstrap, PHP, Hosting, Domain, SEO.

Then I started a YouTube channel. Maybe my voice is not good or there is some reason people did not like it. After this YouTube updated its policy, not a single video has been uploaded since.

And today there are more than one blog. On which I keep updating some new information every day. Also, having knowledge of coding, I have designed plugins for Blogger and WordPress, and some templates.

Saroj Verma

Saroj Verma Twitter Profile link- https://www.twitter.com/Sarojbela